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Look no further for a starting point to quit gambling. Grab your earbuds and listen to other people share their success stories of overcoming gambling addiction.


AG 061: “99% of the Customers Who play on Our Sites Will Lose”

AG 061: “99% of the Customers Who play on Our Sites Will Lose”

Episode Details This past week, executives from several of the largest gambling firms in the UK were called in to discuss VIP programs with Parliament. In this episode, I discuss what I think represents a massive opportunity for change within the industry. Watch the...

AG 060: The 7 Stages of Grief

Episode Details ​In this episode, we cover the 7 Stage of Grief and how they relate to life as a problem gambler as well as in recovery. Mark Manson

AG 059: Welcome to Season 4!

Episode Details Here we go with Season 4! The Before Gamling Project The Before Gambling Project is an independent effort to reduce problem gambling and gambling harm through public awareness and improvements across the industry from operators to treatment facilities....

AG 057: How Can Personality Tests Help Us Learn & Grow?

Episode Details Can personality test help us to learn & grow? I think the answer is yes. I recently participated in a study on recovery from compulsive gambling and it was a very positive experience. The second half of the study was self-guided completion of...

AG 056: Challenging the Gambling as Entertainment Narrative

Episode Details If we are going to discuss gambling as a form of entertainment, then we need to separate it into two parts: A) entertainment derived from the game B) entertainment derived from the wager size/risk taken. If the entertainment level DOES NOT change with...

AG 055: Over-Communicating Your Way to Success

Episode Details I'm a firm believer that addiction is strengthened by isolation. Removing the isolation through communication weakens the addiction and allows us to begin a path of recovery. In this episode, I share my thoughts on how over-communicating is key for...

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