SEASON 1: The Gambling Still Sucks Podcast

SEASON 2: The After Gambling Podcast


046: Remind or Forget? What Works and Why Is it Important?

Episode DetailsWhat's the best way to move forward after deciding to quit gambling? Is it really a good idea to remind ourselves? Or should we forget it ever happened and move on with our lives?In this episode, I share what I've seen in order to help you with your...

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AG 045: Do We Really Chase Losses?

Episode DetailsIt's often said that problem gamblers chase losses. While it's fundamentally true, I come at this with a different angle that I believe can help us to see the full story.NATIONAL COUNCIL ON PROBLEM GAMBLING NCPG on...

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AG 042: Season III Kickoff Show

Episode Details I wanted to shake up the format of the show a bit, so I figured let's call it season III and get to work. I'll be posting shorter, but more frequent episodes. However, we'll still have the longer format for interviews. Also, I'll be doing a lot more on...

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AG 039: Tearing Down the Walls in Recovery

Episode Details When in the midst of a gambling, we create walls of lies that separate us from our family, friends and work lives. In recovery, we need to begin to remove these walls to return to the person we were prior to our addiction.

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AG 037: The Victory Edition

Episode Details Last night, my Cleveland Browns football team won the first game in nearly two years. In this episode, I discuss why this was such a special moment for me and why betting on games takes away the pureness and connection that is at the heart of sport....

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Getting to a meeting is the first step towards recovery.



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