SEASON 1: The Gambling Still Sucks Podcast

SEASON 2: The After Gambling Podcast


AG 039: Tearing Down the Walls in Recovery

Episode Details When in the midst of a gambling, we create walls of lies that separate us from our family, friends and work lives. In recovery, we need to begin to remove these walls to return to the person we were prior to our addiction.

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AG 037: The Victory Edition

Episode Details Last night, my Cleveland Browns football team won the first game in nearly two years. In this episode, I discuss why this was such a special moment for me and why betting on games takes away the pureness and connection that is at the heart of sport....

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AG 035: Finding New Hobbies After You Quit Gambling

Episode Details How can you fill your time after you quit gambling? What are healthy new hobbies to start in order to fill the time that was spent gambling? In this episode, I'll provide four areas to look to in order to fill the time spent gambling in order to...

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AG 032: What if We’re Wrong?

Episode Details We can quickly get caught up in our own thoughts and fears. In this episode, I discuss challenging the validity of our thoughts in order to better assess the situation. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good...

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AG 031: The Other Things We Lose While Gambling

Episode Details Much of our focus as problem gamblers is on the financial losses and debts from our gambling addiction. However, the financial losses are just one small piece of the devastation caused by gambling. In this episode, we discuss other things beyond...

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