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Gambling Addiction Counsellor

My name is Tony O’Reilly and I am in recovery from a Gambling Addiction for over 9 years. Gambling took everything from me, including my freedom.

In recovery, I have trained as a counsellor/psychotherapist and now specialize in Gambling Addiction Counselling. I predominately use social media for work reasons and a few months ago I discovered ‘The After Gambling Podcast’ on Twitter. I have listened to numerous episodes and have found the podcast to be a great source of learning & information for me both personally and professionally.

Jamie speaks very openly and honestly about his experiences of gambling and the episodes explore really relevant themes of recovery. I have worked with numerous clients and family members who have experienced harm from gambling and highly recommend the podcast as a support/tool for them in their recovery journeys. The feedback that I have received from people who listen to the Podcast has been unbelievable and hugely positive.

I wish Jamie continued success in his recovery and with the Podcast.