Everyone stands to benefit from reducing problem gambling and gambling harm. Here, I outline my goals, fears and how we can all work together to achieve a common goal.


My Goal for You

To draft policy that is proactive in addressing the need for education, prevention and treatment of problem gambling and gambling harm.

What I Fear

A rush to balance budgets leading to more of the same policy that is already in place that ignores or barely funds the programs that should provide a safety net for citizens.

How We Can Work Together

I can provide you with insight into how the gambler’s mind works. This is useful in drafting effective legislation.

News & Media

My Goal for You

To give equal coverage to all stakeholders involved and to balance each piece with appropriate input or warnings from the stakeholders on the other side.

What I Fear

Coverage of gambling topics that glorifies gambling without also providing caution of gambling harm and exploitation of gamblers who have run into legal problems or are simply sharing their story.

How We Can Work Together

I’ll provide you with insight and quotes on current events through the lens of the recovering compulsive gambler. Additionally, depending on the objective of the piece I can provide insight into life as a gambling addict.

Gambling Operators

My Goal for You

To follow through on your commitment to “responsible gambling” by funding and creating innovative campaigns and resources and to use the data available to you to identify and intervene individuals likely to be experiencing gambling harm.

What I Fear

That stated “responsible gambling” commitment is merely lip service and that advertising and promotional campaigns use available data to identify and exploit those at-risk for gambling harm.

How We Can Work Together

I can provide key input on existing and potential responsible gambling campaigns and intervention methods as both a marketing and advertising professional as a recovering compulsive gambler.


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