Shedding My Baggage at the Poker Table

by Nov 5, 2015My Story

When I walked into a poker room, the most amazing thing happened to me.

I felt free!

No One Cares

In a poker room, no one cares about you.

Better yet, as long as you bring money to the table, everyone likes you.

As someone who worries about how others view me, this was an incredible feeling. I had finally found a place where I didn’t need to lie.

They don’t care who you are, what you do, or where your from. They don’t ask “How’s business?” and they don’t expect you to tell the truth.

Sure, there is small talk at the table. But overall, there is a blatant disregard for everyone at the table. After all, you are trying to take their money.


Knowing that everyone is focused on their own agenda, the poker table was the perfect place for me to get away from my lies.

The weight of the world I was feeling to maintain an image for others disappeared. They didn’t know the side of me that was supposed to be smart and successful, so they weren’t let down if I was the opposite.

They couldn’t care less about me and I loved that feeling as it meant I couldn’t let them down. I didn’t have to lie to them.