Responsible Gambling Initiative Idea: Implementing a “Peer Connection” Into Customer Accounts

by Feb 27, 2019Opinion Pieces

I didn’t start out as a problem gambler. In fact, I was quite careful knowing how addicting gambling could become from day one.

So, that got me to thinking. What could we implement that allows more players to stay within the boundaries they set when they begin gambling. After all, gambling within established boundaries is basically the definition of “responsible gambling.

Using a Peer Connection

A feature that I believe would take existing player protection features and increase their effectiveness exponentially would be the addition of a “peer connection”.

The peer connection would be someone who is alerted when certain account activities occur. Each notification could then be turned on or off for the “peer connection”. For example, maybe the notifications trigger on new deposits, requests to change deposit limits, or when a win is over a certain amount.

Good for Customers

Removes Isolation

This concept works off the theory that problem gambling—and all addiction really—occurs in isolation. Trouble arises when we begin to hide or lie about our behavior.

A system like this would remove the ability to isolate and therefore provide another level of protection for the player.

Creates Red Flags

This concept also gives a spouse, family member or friend a red flag as well. It can notify them of changes or even be a red flag if they ask the gambler in their life about the program but find the person unwilling to enroll.

Good for Operators


The marketer in me also believes this could be an incredible campaign.

“At (firm name here), our RG/PG is tasked with looking after our customer like family. And now, you can join in as well to keep gambling within limits that allow it to remain enjoyable. No one has our player’s best interest in mind more than a family member or friend and with these new features we allow them to help us in achieving our goal of being the safest place to gamble.”

I think it could have legs and be a win/win for all parties.


Finally, I’m sure there are parents that struggle with watching their kids begin to bet based on the current news surrounding the industry.

They might be lifelong casual gamblers, but fear their kids will fall into the problem side.

A product like this would give them the peace of mind of monitoring to ensure their kids avoid harm, making it a great customer acquisition tool as well.


A system like this surely has legal and privacy issues to figure out, but I think it’s worth exploring. Each and every tool that brings awareness to problem gambling and allows the gambler to protect themselves from future addiction is worth trying.