New Name. Same Podcast & Mission.

by Jul 9, 2018News & Updates

Welcome to the new website!

Before I go further, know that the podcast will continue on. The change in website, name and colors will have not change a thing. Past episodes will remain unchanged and will always be available. Think of them as Season 1.

I’ve missed a few weeks recently and I apologize for that, but will be getting back on a weekly Friday release ASAP.

So Why the Change?

Put simply, personally I’m in a much different place today than when I originally purchased the domain name ( and created the icon and website nearly four years ago.

Back then, I was in a pretty dark place. I was depressed with what gambling had done to my life and it reflected in the tone and image of the site.

Today, I’m beginning to feel more free again. I’m enjoying life and am seeing the opportunities and happiness that have only come as a result of me deciding to quit gambling.

I wanted the podcast and website to reflect that freedom and hope.

In changing things up, I want to showcase the energy and excitement that returns to our lives when we live a sober life free from gambling.

Thank You!

Finally, thank you for listening.

Over the past few months, I’ve been blown away by your support and notes. When I uploaded the first few episodes, I had no clue what to expect. As I’ve said on the podcast, my goal has always been to strengthen my recovery by sharing my story. Along the way, I hoped it might resonate and help a few people.

Your notes and messages fill my sails to continue on.