Loneliness and Gambling

by Oct 12, 2015Opinion Pieces

The silence of early AM car rides home. The long walk to find the ATM. The emptiness in your soul when the last dollar is gone.

Gambling was a lonely existence.

From Casual to Compulsive

When I first got into poker, I would play with my college buddies. Everyone was doing it and we always played for small stakes.

I never wanted to lose, but there wasn’t the same embarrassment of losing when the stakes were so low.

As I moved to playing online and at local poker halls, the stakes began to grow and I began to only play alone.

Gambling Alone Feels Safer

The best part of gambling alone was the security that I could hide my losses. It was safer to go alone and avoid waving a red flag that things weren’t going well to my friends or family.

There was nothing more humiliating than being broke at the table, and this wasn’t something I wanted anyone I knew to see.