How We Expand Gambling Matters

by Dec 30, 2018Opinion Pieces

1. This discussion around the expansion of gambling (sports betting, poker, etc) in the USA is a fucking joke right now. It’s a shitshow focused on all the wrong talking points. Of course, it should be expanded both in retail and mobile.

2. And this is coming from someone who still deals with the fallout of my gambling after 8.5 years of clean time. Most of the shit I still deal with started 15 years ago. It sucks and I’d never want anyone or their kid to go through the same.

3) But the discussion of whether we should or shouldn’t have it isn’t about me. Most people want to gamble and they should be able to engage in it in a safe and regulated market. And we should be offering that and regulating/taxing it.

4) WHICH BRINGS US TO THE REAL DEBATE: How can we do it to minimize harm? What funding is needed for research, tracking, education, prevention, treatment? An ounce of prevention or a pound of cure?

5) The only downside as I see it is that it takes a small percentage out of the pockets of the states. The people get their gambling. The operators get their businesses. The state gets jobs and revenue. The prevention community gets funding. Win/win right?

6) It’s common sense and so fucking simple. Yet it seems like I’m yelling into an empty canyon.