My first-hand experience with problem gambling has provided me with a unique and valuable perspective of gambling disorder and gambling harm.

Through my consulting and speaking, I share my expertise and experiences to improve the effectiveness of gambling education, prevention, and treatment.

one goal

My goal is to help develop a world that is more prepared to prevent, identify and treat problem gambling and gambling harm.

If you or your organization also share my vision, then I believe we can both benefit from working together and I look forward to seeing what we create.

Consulting Services


Campaign messaging

It’s extremely difficult to craft effective campaign messaging around gambling disorder or “responsible gambling”.

Gambling disorder is an extremely sensitive topic and most campaigns fail by not fully understanding and appreciating the perspective of the problem gambler or recovering problem gambler.

I provide the insight needed to keep the focus on the greater goal, rather than on the words or imagery chosen for the campaign.


Responsible Gambling Campaigns

Creating an effective responsible gambling campaign requires the right message, tone, and form of delivery. I’ll share my input from the point of view of the compulsive gambler to help improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Education, Awareness & Prevention

The best way to address problem gambling and gambling harm is to take steps to prevent it from occurring. I work with clients to develop effective gambling education, awareness, and prevention campaigns.

Treatment & Recovery

Even the best campaigns and personal warnings won’t be enough to prevent problem gambling and gambling harm—which is why promoting treatment and recovery programs is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Why You Should Hire Me & What to Expect When You Do

I’ll Be Blunt

When I have an opinion, it’s my responsibility to share it with you.

I’ll Listen

I will “switch shoes” and see things from your point of view.

I’ll Push You

I believe in constant improvement and will push you to achieve more.

Let's Get to Work

Speaking Engagements


Starting at $500 for up to a one-hour engagement done via Zoom/Remote. Please inquire about rates for in-person events.



I believe connection to be at the heart of both prevention and treatment. In sharing my story, I provide the audience with a name, face and story they can refer back to in hopes that they can learn from my mistakes and choose a different path.


Many of the traits and behaviors that athletes rely on to excel in their sport are also the traits that can increase the risk of developing a gambling disorder.

Additionally, athletes at the end of their career are often ill-prepared for the transition and may find comfort and escape through gambling.

I cover the warning signs every athlete should know—using my personal experiences as the example.


The Internet has changed everything. I believe it to be the single greatest tool for promoting causes and connecting individuals.

I cover how I’ve used the Internet and social media to share my story, connect with others and to provide resources to help others struggling with a gambling problem.



sharing my story

Sharing my personal story has been at the heart of everything I do.

By giving a name and a face to gambling disorder, I hope to provide help and hope to people who might also be struggling with a gambling addiction.


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