Gambling Made Me Feel Good About Myself

As gambling was destroying every area of my life, I needed to seek out ways to build up my self-confidence. This was all a part of my elaborate fake it 'til you make it plan. Unfortunately, just as gambling could make my life miserable, it also provided me with a way...

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Fake It ‘Til You Make It

I've always cared what other people think of me. When they see me, I want them to see a smart, successful person. Growing up, I never had much of an issue giving off either appearance. I was a 4.0 student, good at sports, and well-mannered. As I began to gamble (and...

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The shame that accompanies a gambling addiction is unlike most other diseases. To explain, let me share a recent story. YOU’VE GONE INCOGNITO For years, I had considered sharing my story as a compulsive gambler. Now, the thoughts were becoming actions and I was ready...

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Loneliness and Gambling

The silence of early AM car rides home. The long walk to find the ATM. The emptiness in your soul when the last dollar is gone. Gambling was a lonely existence. from casual to compulsive When I first got into poker, I would play with my college buddies. Everyone was...

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