I’m excited to chat with you! Here are a few notes to ensure that we get the highest quality recording.

1. Backup Recording

It’s always great to have a backup of the recording. While 99% of the time it’s not needed, it will help cover for times when the internet connection might lag or a file becomes corrupt.

I’ll remind you to record your side before we get started, but please practice in advance. It’s super easy.

On A Mac

  1. Open QuickTime Player and go to File > New Audio Recording
  2. Click the tiny arrow next to the record button and select the microphone you will be using and Quality = Maximum.
  3. Drag the volume slider all the way to the left (off)


  1. Search for Voice Recorder from your apps (or Sound Recorder before Windows 10).
  2. Click the big blue button to record.

When complete, please save your file as [your-last-name]-guest.

2. Improving Audio Quality

Wear Headphones

Headphones will help reduce feedback and echoing. Headphones with a built-in mic often work great, just be careful with excessive movement as they will pick up the harsh sound of the microphone rubbing against your clothing.

Record from a Quiet Place

Whenever possible, try to find a quiet place for the recording.


Other Helpful Things

  • Pause Dropbox and other cloud syncing services
  • Connect via Ethernet right into the modem or router (when possible)
  • Use a mic other than the one built-in to the computer
  • Restart your computer and click on the Zoom link in the calendar invite right before our call